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The company is now recruiting agents to join the national blank market



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  Join requirements
  ◆ have a good business reputation and professional ethics, to comply with the relevant laws and regulations and Corporation;
  Familiar with the local market, with strong marketing capabilities and building materials industry sales experience;
  ◆ have brand awareness, long-term development vision, a corresponding investment capacity;
  ◆ committed to the aluminum plate and other decorative materials products sales enthusiasm, to concentrate on dedicated, motivated;
  ◆ have a positive attitude towards life and entrepreneurship, a strong desire for success and dedication;
  ◆ trust Xingda in the business philosophy and development ideas can reach a consensus;
  ◆ maintenance of the company in the national unity of the product brand image and corporate image, respect for the distribution of other regional interests;
  ◆ Aluminum-plastic board industry, sales experience, priority cooperation and provide special support
  Joined the policy
  ★ regional protection: the implementation of the local exclusive distribution system, do not worry Chuanhuo phenomenon, so that dealers in the distribution area to show their talents
  ★ reputation protection: strict brand management and services, improve brand reputation,
  ★ property rights protection: exclusive products with the right to use, the right to use the trademark, the power of attorney issued, all products subject to legal protection
  ★ Product advantages: variety and more complete product, product quality assurance is the foundation of your success
  ★ price advantage: mass production of collective purchasing manufacturers, you can independently control costs,
  ★ R & D advantages: the introduction of new anti-theft, increase product range, improve the competition store
  ★ replacement advantage: According to the customer's local market quotations to customers replacement, relieve all the dealers worry about business
  ★ joining advantages: the first company to introduce zero agent (zero initial fee, zero agency fees, zero annual sales tasks) from vendors
  Of all the pressure.
  Company message:
  Dealer is our network client, the gateway to the market, the success of the dealer is the survival of our entire enterprise and network sustainable development key to protect the healthy development of dealers and long-term benefit, Xingda aluminum plastic is the basic foothold And starting point. Xingda aluminum with its own strong economic strength, the special launch of a variety of franchise programs, will be profitable, broad space for development and market resources to the cause of business partners, to enjoy Xingda aluminum plastic wealth. 

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