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ssDear partners, colleagues, social:
  Hello everyone!
  Aluminum composite panel industry development in China after the storm, and with each passing day, has become the world's largest aluminum-plastic composite panel producer, consumer and exporter, product quality of domestic enterprises have reached or exceeded the level of advanced countries. In industry high-speed prosperity development of tide in the, "XING up aluminum plastic" since established yilai always to became "decorative material industry green environmental new image, shaping better new life" for mission, from initially of brand created, to development process in the of daily business management, we advocate integrity and provides excellence service, encourages innovation and insisted fair competition, eventually, in many aluminum plastic Board brand in the stand out!
  Today's development of the aluminum industry was overheating problems, low barriers to entry in the market, new productivity for low-level duplicated construction, aluminium composite panel products supply and demand imbalance, market prices downward trend, low-end manufacturer profit margins were compressed ... ... This kind of industry and market environment, "xingda plastic" stick "to serve as the basis for existence by quality, technology and development" business philosophy, market-oriented, the pursuit of innovation for the premise of excellent quality and service!
  From the beginning, technology research and development, raw material procurement, product production and factory sales of finished products, to the core services throughout the sales process, we continue to "survive by quality, develop by quality", enjoy the product perfect interpretation of the value. It is because of this persistent effort, making the "xingda plastic" cast by customer satisfaction in the industry of noble qualities, cornerstone laid a solid brand.
  Today of XING up, has development became domestic has super high-tech strong strength of aluminum plastic board industry of lead who, company followed to "do fine, and do strong, and do Centennial enterprise" of vision, insisted go professional brand of international of road, to leading of technology, and excellent of quality, and perfect of service in fierce of market competition in the stand out, and in industry set has good of enterprise brand image. These achievements made, are the result of unremitting efforts of all XING da, was the result of general partner to cooperate.
  "Impregnable as iron, now moving from scratch", XING da has always adhered to the "common development, cooperation and win-win" business purposes, "establish a new green image, creating new life" mission, providing our partners create a better platform for cooperation, and better policy support, providing more comprehensive after-sales service.
  Companies always adhere to the "enterprise and market management with the world" business management model, we will take a more active attitude, full of enthusiasm and high morale into the daily work; we believe that success on the road, XING da will always be with you, let us together, to grow together, and seek common development, create brilliant!

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